British University athletics has a proud history. As far back as Harold Abrahams, universities were a breeding ground for some of our best athletes. When junior doctor Roger Bannister ran the world’s first sub-four-minute mile in 1952, both he and Chris Chataway and Christopher Brasher who paced him had developed their athletic prowess while undergraduates. And it continues; 58% of the Team GB athletes and 55% of British medallists at the 2008 Beijing Olympics had come through the University system.

We want this website to be a place where university athletes and those interested in university athletics can come together, chat and exchange advice and information. Our readers want to hear from you. Whether it’s news of a meeting, new personal or team records, an approach to training that others might find helpful – help us spread it around. We want to make this not just a source of information but a place where people scattered throughout the Higher Education system feel at home and know that they are among friends.

Competition is serious; when we take part we want to win. But that doesn’t make enemies of competitors – times when we’re not competing are times for friendship. You go from Bristol to compete in London and while you’re there you meet and make friends with an athlete from Manchester. There’s no need for that friendship to die when you each go back to your own university. Make this site the place where you stay in touch.

We need your help. You, the individual university athletes, know what’s coming up and where and when. If we haven’t already got the information here on, get in touch. This is your site. Make it how you wanted to be.

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