Latest Athletics News (Week 2 August 2018)

Dina Asher-Smith is the new European sprint champion

The whole history of British sprinting has been rewritten by just one woman. Dina Asher-Smith smashed everyone left and right on her path to domination in the European championships. The event which is taking place in Berlin has left everyone in awe of the fantastic sprinter. A record breaking 10.85 second win for the 100m and an equally impressive record smashing 21.89 sec win for the 200m sprint. The numbers do not lie and are very much real. Dina’s performances puts her in the pole position for this years world rankings. All this and at just 22 years of age, Dina still has her major task ahead- the Olympics. If she continues this form or even improves her own feat, the 2020 Olympics can witness the first ever British woman to win a global title. All that’s left is a third gold medal at the 4x100m relay races. An ecstatic Dina ushered in excitement but also reckons there is more work to be done for the future.

Jacob Ingebrigtsen beats elder brother to gold medal

Jacob Ingebrigtsen of Norway overcame the odds, to beat others including his elder brother for the gold in the 5000m event. The 17 year old athlete also won the gold in the 1500m track event, becoming the youngest ever athlete to win a track title in 13 minutes and 17.06 seconds. Jacob’s elder brother, 27 year old Henrik Ingebrigtsen came second in the event. Their third brother Filip Ingebrigtsen, 25 years of age, could not compete in the 5000m track event due to injury.

New event introduced in European Games 2019

The European games 2019 will witness a new track event which combines multiple events into one. Named as the Dynamic New Athletics (DNA) tournament, the new event will come into effect in the 2019 games, which is scheduled in Minsk. The tournament will include 30 nations each having a contingent of 17 athletes. The four day DNA tournament will give the opportunity to nab 33 medals. The events will consist of, Track’athlon- a mixed athletics course featuring sled run, shot put, long jump, water jump and a medicine ball run featuring men and women; Track and field events- consisting of high jump, long jump, javelin,110m hurdles, 100m race, 4x100m relay and a mixed relay; The Hunt- a mixed medley relay featuring both men (800m and 400m) and women (600m and 200m). The first team to cross the finish line in the Hunt will be declared as the champion. While many appreciated the new and innovative format, many criticized it as well. Only time will tell, whether the event will be successful or not.