Latest Athletics News (Week 5 July 2018)


Russia still suspended for doping despite improvement

The International Association of Athletics Federation recently announced that in spite of showing some significant improvement in some of the key areas, Russia would remain suspended from international athletics competitions. The country was had first been suspended in November of 2015 over allegations of state-sponsored doping. The IAAF commented that Russia has “gone above and beyond what is required”, yet the federation “unanimously felt that there are still some gaps to be filled” and hence has passed the decision to retain the ban with 10 days left for the commencement of the European Championships at Berlin. Rune Anderson, who heads the IAAF’s Russian taskforce, said Russia must meet the following three demands to gain reinstatement. First, the RUSAF must reimburse the cost incurred by IAAF for establishing the taskforce. The World Anti-Doping Agency must grant reinstatement to the Russian Anti-Doping Agency, with a key requirement that Moscow acknowledges the fact that ministry of sport officials coordinated the doping of athletes representing Russia. IAAF’s last demand is access to reports of doping tests that have been carried out at RusADA’s Moscow laboratory between the years 2011 and 2015. Despite Russia’s repeated denials about orchestrating state-sponsored doping, the evidence showing involvement of state in the systemic doping of athletes was compiled in the 2016 edition of McLaren report, which resulted in Russia being banned from this year’s Winter Olympics.


Goldie Sayers to finally receive 2008 Olympic bronze

After Russian MariyaAbakumova’s failure in appeal against an alleged doping ban, Briton javelin thrower, Goldie Sayers will finally receive the 2008 Olympic bronze in javelin throw. Abakumova had finished second at the 2008 Olympics, but re-analysed reports of her sample from Beijing Games tested positive for anabolic steroid, turinabol, consequently seizing her silver medal. She had finished second at the 2008 Olympics, with Czech athlete BarboraSpotakova grabbing the gold and Christina Obergfall in third position. Obergfall will now receiving silver, while Sayers wins her first medal from any major competition. The 36-year-old threw a British record of 65.75m at the event but was approximately 39cm short from a medal.


Great Britain sends record number for European Championships

British Athletics recently named 102 athletes for the European Championships to take place in August. This is the biggest squad that Great Britain has sent to any major championship in over a century. The team includes sprinter Dina Asher-Smith and six other individual medallists of the European Athletics Championships of 2016. Chief of British Athletics, Neil Black reportedly said that this decision is an important marker on the path to Tokyo in 2020.” The event begins on 2nd August, bringing together existing European champions of cycling, swimming, rowing, gymnastics, triathlon and more.