Latest Athletics News (Week 4 June 2018)

Latest Athletics News

New Zealand athletes fighting for spots

Isaiah Priddey, Samuel Tanner, and Nick Moulai have two things in common. They are all 1500m athletes, and secondly, they are fighting each other to seal the two spots available in 1500m World Championships category. New Zealand can send two athletes, but in April they registered the aforementioned athletes.  All 3 athletes were recorded to be under 3 minutes 48 seconds the standard selection time of Athletics New Zealand. Priddey and Tanner were said to be selected based on least time recorded with Moulai coming third. However, when ANZ announced the team, Moulai was grateful to find his name on the sheet at the expense of no one.


ANZ has not violated any rules yet and by Section 5.5, three athletes can be named while two can compete at entry stage. This will give Moulai another shot at besting any two of his peers. Now, $8000 needs to be paid by each athlete to compete in another selection procedure i.e. the Ultimate one. Priddey didn’t sound to amused by it and said that paying such money and without any guarantee of qualification a positive sign.


Elaine Thompson will carry the baton for Jamaica in World Championships

Elaine Thompson went blitzkrieg in the National Junior and Senior Athletics Championships as she clocked past Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce, double Olympic Champion and left Shericka Jackson behind her trail. It was Fraser-Pryce who started off in her usual manner and took an easy lead, but halfway through Thompson switched on her silver surfer mode and waltzed past everybody to finish first just before Shelly. Elaine also recorded her season best at 11.01sec, while Shelly recorded her best at 11.03s and Shericka at 11.13s.

Thompson will now represent Jamaica in the 100m event at the newly inaugurated World Athletics Championships. Thompson also opened about her Achilles problem, and how frustrating it was for her to sit back and recover.


Eilidh Doyle will not be contesting her 400m hurdles title at the British Championship

Scottish hurdles athletes Eilidh Doyle is still nursing her injury, which will see her sit out at the British Championship going to take place in a week’s time. Doyle, 31 remarked that she was gutted as her hopes of defending the title hit a dead end. However, she will be  looking to prove her eligibility to take part in the European Championships to be held in Berlin.