Latest Athletics News (Week 2 June 2018)

Florida State University to commemorate 50 years of women’s intercollegiate athletics

FSU to celebrate yearlong association of women’s intercollegiate athletics, which has stepped on the 50th year. The celebrations will start from August of 2018. Stan Wilcox, the FSU Vice-President and Director of Athletics lauded the efforts of FSU staff, hall of famers, FSU Varsity club, and Seminole Boosters. Wilcox showered praise on the women’s athletics team on their commendable performance following a fruitful year and said that it was fitting enough to commemorate such success over the past 50 years.

Volleyball was the first sport where FSU Women’s team had participated in 1968, since then they have become a pioneer in sports for women nationwide. The seven National championships for Florida shows how women have gone from strength to strength and make a case of their own. The logo marking the 50 years were released today and will be sported by the women’s team on their jerseys and will also be part of promotional events.


University of Incarnate Word to bridge gaps

In a step to promote equality and stake the claims for minority and women, University of Incarnate Word has taken the baton to bridge the disparity between genders and among classes. UIW had qualified for the 2017-18 Division I FCS Championship which saw them hire 32 new employees out of which 18 were female and minority. The stat gets better when you look at the 74 full time employees out of which 40 were female and minority. Dr. Brian Wickstrom, UIW Athletics Director has shed light on his hiring policy and said that it does not only make the statistics look nice, but it is a conscious effort of bridging gaps.

In a disheartening report it shows that 41% of female teams have male coaches while their counterparts are negligible when it comes to men’s teams. Wickstrom has also stated that this does not stop here, and he will continue to nullify the disparity.


Juan Miguel Echevarria to cut short his celebrations

Juan Miguel Echevarria thought he had registered his name among the elite athletes to have jumped the longest distance in Diamond League meeting in Stockhold, but a wind speed bar put a hold to his celebrations. The 2.1metres per second win was just above the legal bar and thus kept Juan from writing history as completing the fifth longest jump in the history. However, he wasn’t dejected and felt this marks his season and all the good things that comes with it.