Latest Athletics News (Week 1 June 2018)

Production Company to boost BBC Athletes

In a bid to promote “fresh, youthful, and energetic mood” among the BBC Athletes, Chief, a MediaCity UK based promotion companywas appointed with the task. This comes in a time when BBC Athletes are making headways, but a stringent budget meant the promotion was either stagnated or not up to the mark. BBC’s Sports Creative Director, Gabby Cook was full of praise as he talked about the modest budget, and how well they managed to portray the athletes in a bright mood. He also praised their professionalism with which they worked that included on time delivery.

Paul Watson, the Creative Director of Chief said they used the word “Generic” as BBC Athletes are now in transitional phase and needs a collective effort to stand forward. The titles will be run throughout the summer, and the bid to improve BBC Athletes among people may have headed in the right direction.


Mark Harlan to take over from Chris Hall

After 31 years of service as Athletic Director of Utah, Chris Hill steps down and will be replaced by Mark Harlan. Harlan, who has had an impressive run at the South Florida’s athletic department was excited to be part of a heritage institution. Harlan has also revealed that he will be resorting to Hill when occasions call for it. Harlan has a different approach than any other director and focuses on winning bit by bit rather than winning everything from the outset. He was full of praise about the coaches he will work with and mentioned Kyle Whittingham, Larry Krystkowiak, and Megan Marsden. Harlan has also been familiarized with the Utah-BYU rivalry.


Maryville Christian School to go full throttle

It looks like Maryville Christian School is on the right track to advance themselves in the World of Sports and especially athletics. 2017/18 was a productive year, but the coming year will see boys and girls varsity teams playing in cross country events. Boys’ Soccer will also be introduced by the fall of 2018. Steve McFall, Athletic Director of MSC has revealed his plans saying that after adding 3 more games to their usual roster and believes their boys and girls are competitive and can suffice as professional athletes. MCS is gradually converting itself into a full grown American school relying on sports and athletics. MCS has introduced Cheerleader squad this season as well. Lindy Stonecipher is named as the Cheerleading coach.