Latest Athletics News (Week 1 March 2018)

Coleman triumphs at 60 metres at World Athletics Indoor

On Saturday, American Christian Coleman set a new world record as he broke Maurice Greene’s 20-year record. Coleman won the 60 metres race at the world athletics indoors. He clocked an impressive 6.34 seconds as he came within 0.03 seconds of Greene’s record at Arena Birmingham, adding another achievement to his ever-growing list. Former Sprint King Greene called him right after the sprint when Coleman was talking to reporters. The elated Greene set the phone on speaker so that the world could hear what Greene had to say.  After hanging up, a joyous Coleman, who turns 22 this Tuesday, said that just to be up there with such legends was a great honour. Coleman cruised to victory, beating China’s Su Bingtian by 0.05 seconds and American teammate Ronnie Baker by 0.07 seconds. He concluded by saying that the gold medal meant more to him than the world record.


World Records tumble at World Athletic Indoor

Kendra Harrison and Sandi Morris of U.S.A and Kiwi Tomas Walsh set new world records on Saturday. Walsh broke the oldest record on the book as she eclipsed the record set by Ulf Timmermann in 1987 as her last throw reached 22.31 metres, beating Timmermann’s 22.24. In the 60-metres hurdle, America won gold and silver as Harrison and Christina Manning were 1st and 2nd respectively. An American clean sweep at the podium was prevented by Dutch Nadine Visser, who beat Sharika Nelvis for bronze. Morris finally broke the world record in pole vault with a score of 4.95 with her third attempt after failing do to so at the 2017 World Championships, 2016 Olympics and the last world indoors. She said that she fancied she was running into battle as she gave it everything she had and was unable to describe the feeling of actually being a gold medallist.


Chaotic scenes as Maslak wins gold following disqualification of top two

On Saturday, Pavel Maslak befitted from a disqualification row as a couple of athletes who finished ahead of him were denied medals in Birmingham. His medal made him the first man to win a total of three world indoor 400 metre gold medals. Spaniard Oscar Husillos and Dominic Republic’s Luguelin Santos were denied their gold and silver respectively as they were adjudged to have run outside their lanes. This saw Czech Republic’s Maslakget promoted from bronze to gold. He had crossed the finishing line third, clocking 45.47. American Michael Cherry and Trinidad’s Deon Lendorewere promoted from 4th and 5th to win silver and bronze with times of 45.84 and 46.37 respectively. The call of the committee to disqualify Husillos and Santos were met with boos all around the arena. The controversy heated up after images circulated on Social Media about the illegitimacy of Cherry’s run as well.