Latest Athletics News (Week 5 January 2018)


Yip Ren kai to investigate Hermann allegations

It has been going downhill for the Singapore Athletics since the scandalous charges, but the appointment of former water polo player Yip Ren kai as the General Manager may start a cleansing process. Ren kai will be taking his post from Monday, but already has a task in hand. The National Track and Field Athletes have voiced their complaints against Volker Hermann, the technical director of SA.

Three names have been in headline so far, Dipna Lim-Prasad, Soh Rui Young, and Rachel Yang athletes of sprints and hurdles, marathon, and pole vault respectively. Yip didn’t make any remark regarding whether the allegations are true or not, and question everyone involved in this matter to get to a solution. The SEA Games drama has blighted SA’ cause and goodwill and Yip has made it clear that their priority will be to get closure and embrace a bright start. Hermann is accused of undermining coaches and raising his voice against athletes just before the start of SEA marathon race. Yip has the backing of by SA President HoMun Cheong and believes him to be the right person to bring SA back on track.


Tokyo Paralympics to have fewer medal events than 2016 Rio

Slight changes have been made leading to the start of 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. The athletics and swimming programme will see the amount of medal events decreased slightly. The former will see 168 events, 9 short of the preceding Rio Olympics while swimming will be brought down by 6 medal events to 146. However, a spike in mixed gender events will be a big boost and the introduction of Triathlon in 2016 will reach new heights. Upping from the 6 events in 2016, 2020 will have 8 events; four for men and four for women. Exact events are unknown, but the International Triathlon Union shall decide on it later. The ITU has made strides in applying for Cerebral Palsy Football, Golf, and Powerchair Football in the 2024 Paris Paralympics.


Marshall University pushing girls to pursue Athletics

Marshall University has taken up the initiative to narrow down the gender gap between male and female athletes. The 21st Annual Sweetheart clinic has urged girls aged 4-12 to take part in the games to develop love for Athletics. Sophomore golfer Shelby Brauckmuller feels that it is time for them to give back something to the sport and asking girls to participate is a step forward. Elicia D’Orazio, senior softball player voiced her excitement and said that an event dedicated for female athletes will be a huge moral boost for everybody.