Latest Athletics News (Week 4 January 2018)

Allen Greene, new director of Auburn, lays out plan for future

The new AC of Auburn, Allen Greene, has planned out a detailed future for Auburn. He laid out his plan in his introductory speech in press conference. He had a 3 way plan for the success of Auburn’s athletic department. First, he believed that the student- athletics relationship needs to be balanced. The pressure nowadays is tremendous as a student needs to have an athletic life as well as there should be no hurdles in his academic achievement. So there will be a detailed plan to balance this relationship. The second point is to be successful in the games, to become winners. There should be given every opportunity to the students so that they can perform their best at games and be winners and champions in every game. The third point made by Greene was that there should be integrity within the athletes so that they are fully capable of facing the hurdles of outside world. Therefore only the most talented and capable athletes will be chosen so that they can handle both the pressure of the game as well as pressure of the outside world. There was no immediate plan to implement these policies right now, but Greene’s high expectations are expected to turn the game around for Auburn.

Yarra Ranges Athletics gear up for a busy week

The final round of Athletics Victoria Shield competition is going to see some of the best performances by the competing athletes. The clubs athletes showed an impressive performance in the practice rounds. Some athletes even gave their career best performances. The athletes competing at Casey Fields and Aberfeldie are expected to compete at the Yarra Ranges Athletics competition and the club also has high expectations from its members, believing that they can give their best performance so that they can get selected for the finals.

Mzansi athletics enjoy a fruitful year

2018 seems to be a promising year for Mzansi athletes as the ASA (Athletics South Africa) announced its forthcoming events that involve a lot of activities and action. Top athletes like Mapaseka Makhanya and Elroy Gelant are going to be part of important events as they plan to take part in IAAF World Half Marathon in March, in Spain. The Grand Prix Season on March is going to set the mood for the season it will start on March 1 in Johannesburg and ends on 22nd of March in Paarl. Also there are other events to look forward for like the SA Senior Championship (March15-17), the World Indoor Championship from 2nd March till 4th March that will be held in Birmingham, England as well as the Commonwealth games beginning from 5th April in Australia.