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Usain Bolt’s last year in athletics

The world’s fastest man finally took a step back from the field track. The moment which many feared came to pass in the year 2017. Let us not forget that this is the man who carried athletics in its darkest ages when athletics was facing terrible issues; it was Usain Bolt who stood tall and strong. The sprinter dominated the track for the past few years but could not finish in golden glory for his last race. The decade-long dominance was stopped short when the great one fell on the tracks with a hamstring injury. He still carried on though, waving off medical help and wobbled past the finish line. The London crowd roared in approval as the hero of athletics made his last bow. The 30 year old Jamaican finished his career with 19 triumphs and the appreciation of the crowd. With the beacon gone, the question lies, who will carry on athletics into the future?

The IOC alleged cowardice for not helping Rodchenkov

The International Olympic Committee has come into the spotlight for not helping a former anti-doping official now turned whistleblower Grigory Rodchenkov. The Russian’s disclosures regarding cheating led to Russia’s ban from the 2018 Winter Olympics. Now Rodchenkov has fled his own country and is now in the US, where he is incognito. Recently his lawyer Jim Walden blamed Russia for secretly wanting to extradite Rodchenkov. Walden further goes on to say that the IOC has not provided any help to the Russian, who has reportedly been issued life threats. If this treatment went on, they would be forced to stop providing evidence, said the lawyer. The IOC, on the other hand, has snubbed Jim Walden’s claims. They issued a statement claiming that they had a special safeguard for the Russian but it was not in their power to protect the witness. Rodchenko’s disclosures captured the notice of both World Anti-Doping Agency and the International Olympic Committee, who on further investigation found Russia guilty of manipulating the anti-doping system. Russia, on the other hand, has persistently denied any claims to this matter. Russia has been trying hard to get Rodchenkov, and even President Vladimir Putin has issued a statement saying that the whistleblower might have been drugged and cajoled to confess.

John Obeya dirges the future Nigerian athletics

Bahrain based coach John Obeya believes that Nigerian athletics will be hopeless unless the right steps are taken now. He points out that the main reason for this is the Athletics Federation of Nigeria. Obeya, who has coached World Championship silver medalist Ebere Agbapuownu, said that Nigeria had abundant talents but the proper authorities are not taking the right steps for the development of sports in the country.