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Singapore Athletics face a major setback

Times have gone from bad to worse for the Singapore Athletics after apparel sponsor 2XU terminated the contract well before it naturally expires. However, this does not come as a shock to the SA officials as they were informed of it by Key Power International, a local provider on 8th December. Reports are unclear on the matter, but one significant reason could be Soh Rui Yong’s decision to cut holes in his singlet during his marathon run. This did not go down well with the Australian brand, and they voiced their discontent immediately.

Ho Mun Cheong, the SA President, has revealed that they are already looking for new sponsors, and this kind of things happen unexpectedly, and there is little one can do about it. This is seen as a major setback as this deal was the biggest SA has ever penned down with anyone, and their association with Key Power International was fruitful as well. There will be changes in the financial bearings as well. However, a Singapore executive working for 2XU has made it clear that they had a good time partnering with SA, and this is a strategic decision more than anything.

Athletics Australia to add another dimension

In a first, the Australian Athletics Association is planning to make a new athlete community consisting athletes like Sally Pearson and Dani Stevens. This is expected to breathe new life as current players rarely make the advising committee and with the likes of Sally and Dani one can expect the authority to get a deeper insight of an athlete’s mind and requirements. The initial 11-member committee will be working on subjects like administration and schedule while focusing on making any changes in the format as well. Another upside to the step is the association is looking to construct a representative group for the future as well.

Mo Farah wins the BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Awards don’t seem to stop for Mo Farah even when he called it a day on his track career after he won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Farah made a world record of winning the World Championship for the sixth time, and this helped him beat Jonathan Rea and Jonnie Peacock. This award could be rated as a perfect accolade to cap Farah’s track career as he names like Anthony Joshua, and Lewis Hamilton did not even make it to top three.