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Mo Farah’s doctor to give evidence to MPs on controversial supplement

The use of the legal supplement ‘L-carnitine’ by Mo Farah as suggested by his doctor has come under scrutiny as it is to be checked by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to check if any rules were broken. Farah’s American coach Alberto Salazar instructed Dr Robin Chakraverty to carry out Farah’s treatment, and as a result, Robin will have to come forward before the Culture, Media and Sports Committee. Robin previously was chief medical officer for UK Athletics (UKA) and currently works with the England’s men football team. This issue was raised when BBC reported that UKA might not have recorded the infusion of L-carnitine properly. The infusion levels are unclear till date raising concerns over the legitimacy of the infusion. Normally, the levels should be below 50 millilitres as permitted by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Some interim reports from the USADA suggest that these levels were crossed and thereby rules were broken. Farah and Salazar both have denied breaking any rules as the scrutiny goes on.


Britain’s 4X100m women’s relay team withdraw from the IAAF World Relays

The IAAF World Relays take place from the 22nd to the 23rd April, but they will miss the presence of Britain’s 4X100m women’s relay team. Daryll Neita and Desiree Henry, who are Olympic bronze medalists, are struggling with hamstring and knee injuries respectively. Other squad members Ashleigh Nelson and Imani Lansiquot are also struggling with a hamstring injury, and therefore British Athletics performance director Neil Black stated that there were no risks to be taken for the athletes and as a precautionary measure the relay team has withdrawn from the event. The rest should help the squad to recover from all their minor injuries by the time they get ready for the August’s World Championships.


Nigel Levine remains positive after motorbike crash

Nigel Levine and fellow athlete James Ellington were injured in a car crash which meant that both of them would miss the entire 2017 season. Levine was born in Trinidad and brought up in Northamptonshire and is a 400m runner. Levine has made peace with what has happened and is hoping to move forward. Ellington has had three surgeries till date after the accident and is progressing well. Ellington is a 100m and 200m specialist and has participated in the Olympics two times, being part of the gold medal-winning 4X100m relay teams at the 2014 and 2016 European Championships.